Welcome to the Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy Office of Experiential Education. We hope that the information provided here will be helpful to you. Our Preceptors play a vital role in guiding our students' development to meet the demands of patient care and the needs of our profession.The faculty and staff thank you for your participation in our program. Without your interest and support, our students would be limited in their scope of learning. You are role models for guiding our students’ development to meet the demands of patient care and the needs of our profession.

Practice Site Requirements 

The Office of Experiential Education accepts rotation availability year-around. Rotations are schedule 1-year in advance. Please submit availability and/or interest to establish a new agreement to experiential.sp@llu.edu. Our office will reach out to set up a brief conference call to discuss the experiential curriculum, practice site opportunities and preceptor benefits. 

Preceptor Orientation

OEE meets with the new preceptor to orient them to the goals, activities, policies and procedures of the IPPE and APPE programs as a requirement before scheduling students to the site. Preceptors are provided with resources such as the preceptor and student manuals, a set of required ACPE accredited CPE courses to complete, APhA Getting Started as a Pharmacy Preceptor book, etc.

For questions regarding continuing education, contact lluspce@llu.edu

Performance Evaluation Timeline 

Students and preceptors are required to complete the following evaluations for each rotation on the online in order for a final grade to be entered the following Monday. Evaluation templates are located online on the scheduling platform.

How to Access Schedules and Evaluations

A notification email will be sent to activate your Core account. Elms by Core is a new rotation management system the Office of Experiential is now using. We will transition from E*Value completely by May 1, 2022.  

Preceptors will receive official notice once this transition is completed. Evaluations will be completed for the 2021-2022 academic year on E*Value. 


Office of Experiential Education Calendar

Event Name  Month

Availability Collection


P4 Residency Showcase


P4 Interview Day


APPE Preceptor Webinar


P1-P2 Interview Day


Honors and Awards


P4 IPE Critical Response Event


P4 Reflections

Final day of each rotation block