Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy collaborates with institutions to offer pathway programs to qualified students.


  • Clear path to complete PharmD prerequisite requirements
  • Receive advising from your institution based on the pathway or articulation agreement
  • Apply early and receive priority consideration
  • Less competition with transfer applicants
  • Establish an early relationship with LLU

Discover a clear path to our Doctor of Pharmacy program

Pathways to PharmD

Course Equivalents and Transfers


Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy has partnered with the following academic institutions to help prospective students make a seamless transition into the PharmD program. The articulation agreements linked below list courses that meet our prerequisite requirements.

Students who graduate from a partnering academic institution and meet all of the requirements listed in the articulation agreement and have a successful interview will be offered a seat in our PharmD program.

Andrews University

Burman University College

California State University San Bernardino

Kettering College

La Sierra University

Oakwood University

Pacific Union College

Southern Adventist University

Southwestern Adventist University

Union College

Walla Walla University

Washington Adventist University

Contact the admission office at admissions.sp@llu.edu to see how completed courses may transfer toward the PharmD program.

Preferred Admissions


LLU School of Pharmacy partners with the following institutions to offer students conditional admission to the PharmD program.

La Sierra University


Second-year La Sierra students are offered conditional admission to the LLU School of Pharmacy Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. Upon acceptance into our Preferred Admissions Pathway, students complete the third year of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biochemistry and enroll in LLU School of Pharmacy.

Upon completing the first year of the PharmD program, students will receive a BS in Biochemistry from La Sierra, and after successfully completing their fourth year at LLU, they will receive a PharmD.

ContactJennifer Helbley, PhD, Associate Professor, Chemistry at La Sierra University, call or text 951-732-7315

Pharm Tech Bridge Program

San Bernardino Valley College


Earn your certificate in Pharmacy Technology and complete prerequisite requirements at San Bernardino Valley College to apply to the LLU School of Pharmacy Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.