The RIS Rx and Loma Linda University Community-Based Pharmacy Fellowship Program offers fellows training, education, and learning experiences in: pharmacy operations and management, health and wellness, business administration, specialty pharmacy, and pharmacy hub services.

The fellow will develop the knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary to become an advanced pharmaceutical care practitioner. The program is structured to suit the individual needs of the fellow and to provide an environment of quality training, leadership, and pharmaceutical care. 

RIS Rx Community-Based Pharmacy Practice Fellowship Goals

  • Provide pharmacy operational services and quality improvements to pharmacy practice.
  • Enhance knowledge of pharmacy landscape as it pertains to pharmaceutical hub support, managed care, reimbursement, and clinical support.
  • Increase understanding of pharmaceutical manufacturers’ needs and how to interact to meet deliverables and service level agreements. 
  • Gain an understanding of copay assistance and patient affordability program management and administration.
  • Enhance proficiency in financial management and monitor pharmacy financial performance.
  • Develop/Implement pharmacy revenue enhancement activities/services.
  • Enhance business acumen to advancing pharmacy practice.
  • Monitoring and assisting pharmacy inventory management.
  • Enhance proficiency in medication purchasing, strategy, and contracts.
  • Function competently and in partnership with other providers. 
  • Enhance proficiency in written and verbal communication skills.
  • Enhance time management, organizational, and management skills to fulfill both academic and clinical practice requirements.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Provide appropriate consultation.
  • Prepare and deliver effective lectures to pharmacy students and other health care professionals.

Fellow Responsibilities

  • Operational staffing at pharmacy practice site.
  • APPE/IPPE student precepting.
  • Presentations such as journal clubs and in-services.
  • Completion of Teaching Certificate Program.
  • Completing and presenting an annual business review of pharmacy or pharmacy program.
  • Participate in community service events with the student professional organizations. 
  • Administer and lead one hour of accredited continuing education to pharmacists.

Teaching Certificate Program

Fellows enrolled in the RIS Rx Community-Based Pharmacy Practice Fellowship will participate in ASHP’s Teaching Certificate for Pharmacists Program. The goal of the certificate program is to provide participants the experience and guidance necessary to understand and apply current educational issues in pharmacy education. In order to earn the certificate, each participant must meet the following requirements:

  1. Participate in all required Teaching Certificate for Pharmacists modules.
  2. Present at least one-hour of didactic lecture (1 hr minimum) to pharmacy students.
  3. Co-precept an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) or Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE), if assigned.

Contact Information

Jefmar Dickey, PharmD, BCACP, CDCES

Jefmar Dickey, PharmD, BCACP, CDCES

Coordinator, RIS Rx Community-Based Pharmacy Practice Fellowship Program 
VP Patient Services
Phone: (559) 359-3525