By School of Pharmacy - December 18, 2023

My name is Samuel D’Autruche. When I became a Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy student, I had no idea of the health trials I would face or of the love and care that would surround me through that experience. Today, I am a stronger person physically, mentally and spiritually, and I'm ready to give back some of the love and support I received to other students.

I was deeply honored to receive the Linda Williams Scholarship; it recognizes excellence and demonstration of characteristics consistent with the mission and values of the School of Pharmacy. The scholarship also salutes extraordinary involvement in service and outreach and bears with it, an award of $5,000. While I am profoundly grateful for this recognition, I humbly submit that I may not fully deserve the commendations it bestows upon me. Yet, I know there are students out there who truly do. I am running for them. They are the real heroes, the ones who will shape our future and touch lives in ways we can't yet even imagine. Read More