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School of Pharmacy Alumnus Delivers Important Drug Message on KCAL 9 News

In a message timely for the holidays but pertinent year-round, Arin Arakelian, PharmD, LLUSP class of 2012, was featured in a recent KCAL 9 News story, airing December 5, 2012.

“There’s just no point in risking your life, or risking the lives of others simply by not knowing. You’ve got to read the labels,” said Dr. Arakelian.

In the KCAL 9 News story, titled “High on the Highways,” a new California report finds that a frightening 1 out of every 5 weekend drivers are driving under the influence. But it is not just alcohol that is the contributing factor – it is often prescription drugs. This past weekend, the Office of Traffic Safety tested 1,300 drivers at checkpoints across the state and 14% tested positive for some sort of impairing drug.

“They’re just a little bit off…they just realize that something’s just different about them and a lot of times it’s the medication that’s having the effect,” said Dr. Arakelian.

Dr. Arakelian’s advice of reading the labels and knowing your medicines certainly is a pertinent message any time of the year.

The entire School of Pharmacy is proud to have Dr. Arin Arakelian as an alumnus.

To view the KCAL 9 News story, click here.

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